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Mike Consol

Denise, excellent article from Kristen Burnham. Not your run-of-the-mill stuff. Bit.ly it is! Friday evening is more than just a good happy hour!

Thank you for sharing.

Account Deleted

i m really liking this article very much thanks a lot for this and corrected more information myself but one thing as to be remembered, the more important is your article sounds good for beginners just like me but to be success with this . . . i need lots of patience to make thing to reach to all tweets . . . m'i correct Denise

Prasad 1247

Clint Cora

Wouldn't this mean that we would have to keep our blog posts 140 characters or less in order to be useful in Twitter?

Rinaldi Syahran

hi Denise,
I agree with you too, because i do like what you say when i use twitter will be retweeted.

Extreme John

This is the first time I have visited your blog, I am pretty excited about it especially due to the fact that your topics are topics I genuinly enjoy reading about.. Anyway.

Automatically tweeting your blog posts is a huge tip, I noticed a tremendous difference in the traffic and response to my articles when I installed a plugin to get that job done for me.

Nick Johnson

#5 has been the biggest problem for me. Even after posting a great post that I know will get some twitter traffic retweeting I always end up diluting it by staying active on twitter.

I really gotta work on that.

Account Deleted

Thanks for the tips. Its a very valuable information for me. I am new to the internet marketing so this post will help me a lot to promote my site. Thanks for giving time to write this post.

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