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I agree with you, write what the the article calls for, if it calls for 150 words only, then do it, if it needs more than 500-600 words, I like to try to break it into a series. Most readers won't read articles that are too long...

Blog Marketing Diva

I agree Denise. Writing what is appropriate for your blog is good advice. However, in this technology age I always tell my clients to be conscious of their target market. More and more people are using cell phones to read things on the internet and length must be taken into consideration.

I recommend to my clients creating a "for mobile" copy and "for web" copy of their blog post. This is simply just breaking the blog up.

Great Post!

Blog Marketing Diva

Marketing SMS

I couldn't agree more. Blogs are not limited by a maximum or minimum words and characters. The bloggers should right however small or big is most appropriate for the post.

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