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Tina Haapala

Hello, Denise. I would love to get a helpful critique of my blog http://www.excuseeditor.com, a site for beginning, blocked, and other writers looking for a boost. I recognize some shortcomings, however, I would like to know which of the Next Steps would be heading me in the right direction. I find so much good advice through your FB fansite, etc., I would love to know which is the best for ME (my time is limited these days, so I don't want to spin my wheels more than necessary). Thanks so much for the opportunity!

Rachel McAlpine

Denise, we'd be honoured if you choose the CONTENTED blog. We've always got lots to learn.

I don't like to be greedy, but can you please also donate an extra 4 hours every week, say for the next six months? That'd help.

Great idea, by the way.



Patricia Weber

I'll play with you and would be honored for you to select my blog: http://www.patricia-weber.com

Way back when you had the membership program I would listen to you and Patsi and pick up terrific tips to put into my blog. If you who inspired me could give me your eye on my blog with some critique - good, bad, anything to make it more effective I welcome it.

Cathy Jennings

I was a "reluctant blogger" (not a techie and not much of a writer) but was sold on the idea that a blog could really help send my message of No Pressure Networking out into the world. I purchased your Build a Better Blog product and have been blogging for 2 years. Even though I post fairly regularly and have subscription boxes, I don't have many subscribers or readers.

I would love to know how to improve and make it a . . . Super Blog!

Alice Elliott

Dear Denise,

I want to promote my idea of the Fairy Blog Mother. OK, she is on a blog that has a different URL, and that is because I'm using my old blog from my past business. But I'm adapting it slowly to become a resource for beginner bloggers to help them for free with sympathetic and helpful hands-on advice, including posting up my e-courses with downloadable pdfs for every tiny step of the way towards blogging.

She is still a project in progress, but any help from you to make it more successful and get a wider publicity value, I should be very grateful indeed.


Thank you, Alice

Cynthia Lay

Hi Denise ~

My blog is http://www.997WaysToBeAGreatSpeaker.com.

I launched this site about 12 months ago as a project for an internet marketing workshop I was taking. So, it's a year later. I've done what I was told, and I'm not seeing much in results. I have only like 17 subscribers, very few external links, and almost zero income from it. Something's missing, and I'm not quite sure what it is.

I'd love to participate in your feedback project! Pick me! Pick me! :o)

John Crockett

http://www.alphamagic.org/JohnsBlog focuses on how we can improve the quality of our lives and make this a better world for all of us.

Janet Goldstein

Hi Denise - Thx for this offer! I've gotten my first comments (yah!) and will be posting more frequently in 2010. Would love to add your tips to steps on my to-do list.
Question #1: How am I doing with balancing business blog entries(to highlight clients, successes, being in the know) and offering tips and insights? I have to do what ease-y and my newsletter is my engine.
Question #2: I haven't wanted to duplicate newsletter and blog and I see lots of people rethinking best practices. Do you have a tip or two?

Thanks for considering me (and happy to give some time back to you/a client re book publishing/strategy)


Cathy Jennings

oh -- two things:

URL: www.NoPressureNetworkingBlog.com

Yes, you have my permission to review and post it publicly.



Michelle DeBerge

I am new at blogging and watched your videos. I really want to reach more potential clients. I could definitely use the help as a newbie!

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