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Rod Kirby @ The Success Center

Excellent opportunity. Would love your opinion on my blog;

URL: Http://www.rodkirby.com
Why You Should Review: I think you should review my blog because it's aim is to be read like a magazine which is unique to most blogs. It's designed not to be a hobby blog and is poised to become a media property.

Thank you for your consideration.

Pamela Hernandez

I am new to the business and blogging. I am working on a zero budget and would love your help!



I've been blogging for just a short time and I'm wondering what direction to go in or if I'm going in too many directions. My blog is a little business and a little personal.


Susan Friedmann

Based on your session on SMMU, I changed my blog to make it more conversational. When you said that "blogging is the new way to market your business," being a marketer, it hit a nerve and gave me more passion to blog. Would value your review to help improve it further.
Thanks for your generous opportunity!

Lesley Sullivan

http://pawkeeper.blogspot.com/ Puff, pant... made it! Now jumps up and down in an excited puppy fashion! :)

Lesley Sullivan

http://pawkeeper.blogspot.com/ Forgot the comands :(
I would like to be picked coz I feel like I am running around chasing my tail and getting nowhere! Thanks.

Chris Burdge

Hi Denise,
I would love to see how someone else in the industry, a seasoned veteran, views my blog. Would be great to get that feedback - I'm always looking for ways to improve on what I do.


Cheers, Chris

Bruce Christensen

You mention a "gift" for readers. We are affiliate marketers who show Facebook users how to share real gifts from Amazon. Our niche is to facilitate the sales of gifts to support birthdays, weddings, baby births and holidays using online party games.
We would invite your critical review...

The Zen Birdfeeder

The Zen Birdfeeder blog is approaching a 3rd Blogoversary and is a perfect candidate for critical review. I try to maintain a nice balance between marketing tool and personal blog but feels it weighs in heavy on the personal side. A review with a marketing eye will help the balance. Thanks for considering it.

Denise Wakeman

I appreciate your sense of humor! blog on!

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