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Jeff Korhan

I frequently cannot locate the date of the post. I want to know that it has been written recently, so that I know it is relevant.



Novice bloggers often do not make their posts scanable, breaking up copy blocks with subheadlines, block quotes, video and or images.

Thanks for your contributions Denise...


Chantal Beaupré

Hi, Denise!

Highly useful post, my friend! Not only it helped me to review the content, the design and the marketing of my blog, but now I know way more where to focus to have these mistakes duly corrected!

Blog on!

Melanie Salandy

i am new, so thanks for sharing your ideas.

Kathleen McDonough

Many times I am titillated by a tweet, only to find that the blog post is a rehash of information I've seen a million times, irrelevant or just plain boring. Many blogs I see could use a facelift and a decluttering.


There is nothing worse than visiting a blog whether it is business related or not, only to find a 1000 word article to read through.

Thanks for the advice, I think there are a few things that I could be doing on my blog.


I just start working on Blog. Before I found yours I always though it has to be almost like writing an article.
Now I know, it not necessary has to be like that.

Thanks for the advice.

Account Deleted

Hi Ms Denise! I'm just starting and got a lot of things to learn, so I am thankful for this post. Happy blogging.

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