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Denise Wakeman

Having studied Chris Garrett's "Guest Posting" ebook, I have to say it's quite thorough and is an excellent step by step tutorial on how to get started.

One resource I'd like to add for finding blogs to guest post on is Blogger LinkeUp at http://bloggerlinkup.com

You can submit to the list subscribers, the types of content you write about and that you're available for guest posting.

Blog on!

Dan Harrison

Hi Denise,

I've had a lot of success with guest blogging, it really helps increase my visitors and boosts my rankings in the search engines (due to the choice of links from my guest article).

I've had a lot of success with http://www.blogcatalog.com, as you find lots of blogs in your niche, and then approach them asking if you can write for them.

Additionally, I recently started a project to help find guest blogging opportunities http://www.blogsynergy.com. Basically people with blogs register on the site, advertising their blog as being a site that actively encourages guest posts. It can save you so much time looking for blogs to write for!


Denise Wakeman

Dan, thanks for the additional tips for finding blogs to guest post on. I'll definitely check out http://www.blogsynergy.com


I really like this article. I'm checking out the three sites mentioned here. http://blogsynergy.com, http://blogcatalog.com, and http://bloggerlinkup.com


These are incredible resources. I've been lost about how to go about starting a blog, but I think I've just been found! Thanks everyone!!

Best Top List

Thanks - I just registered at 2 of the sites. Let's see how it goes

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