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Cindy King

Denise, I've definitely become picky. It's a bit hard picking just one in the poll.

I prefer text, but only IF I can skim through it within a few short seconds to see if it is interest to me and then again skim through it in a couple of minutes to get the gist of it.

After text I like audio - because I can do something else while listening to it :)

But I'm finding I'm also becoming picky with audio. There are too many long audios with little real value. So now I prefer audios from people I know who deliver enough value for my time. I'm very slow to listen to people I'm not familiar with on audio.

Video is my third choice. Although short videos are usually worthwhile watching, I don't usually get enough value out of the time it takes to watch a video over 10 minutes. I think good videos are rare.

Horrible isn't it?

Luckily a good novel is still welcome entertainment.

Denise Wakeman

Thanks for your thoughtful comment, and for the post that inspired the poll. I realize it's hard to choose and I confess that my habits are similar to yours. But in the end, I think I end up getting spending more time reading than watching or listening.

Of course this may get into learning styles and that's another topic altogether.

My motivation with the poll is to find out overall preference, knowing that a lot of people consume in all formats. Though I have heard from readers in the past that they never watch videos.

Is the answer then to create one's content in multiple formats (like Rachna Jain)?

Bret Simmons

I recently switched to videos and I think my current audience likes it much less. They leave fewer comments, which is one thing I really value. But I am going to continue making videos because I want to move up the learning curve to get better at it so that I can reach a new and larger audience. I think there are times when you have to do what you think needs to be done to reach new customers over the long term even if it means in the short term your traditional metrics say you are not being successful.

Allie Casey

I'm with Cindy-text is best (skimmable format), then audio, then short video. But all forms have a time and place.

Elizabeth H. Cottrell

I also selected text, even though I like the variety offered by audio and video. Unless I'm taking a course which I expect to be long, I'm not likely to click on a video (or keep watching a video) that is longer than 5-10 minutes unless the topic is really compelling. I love your short tips in video, Denise.

In training materials, I greatly appreciate having things offered in both audio or video AND text, because that's the way I review. Plus, if you are going back and trying to find a specific segment within a longer session, it's much easier to do in a text document than in a video.

I think we're all shifting in our intake preferences, if for no other reason, than the volume of material we're trying to consume is growing exponentially. I'm always trying to ingest more information as efficiently as possible. It will be interesting to see if we have the same answers to this poll a year from now.

Elizabeth H. Cottrell

I wanted to add something that most of us know...the formatting of text content is critical to how likely I am to read it or stick with it to the end. Faced with a solid block of text, I can quickly convince myself that I don't have time. If it's presented on the page in short segments, with graphics or at least good subtitles or pull quotes that keep my interest and draw my eye down the page, it makes so much difference.


Text was my selection. I consume headlines and save them for later reading or viewing. I keep a daily log of favorites. I prefer well organized pages with a font large enough for me to read and content that is well written with original ideas.

I do enjoy clever or informative videos but usually wait til later in the day to view.

Denise Wakeman

Hey Bret, based on the results of this poll so far, I'd suggest you mix some text posts in with the video. My strategy is to mix things up with mostly text posts and video popped in every once in awhile.

Video is great for training and sales letters but for ongoing content consumption, it looks like text is still overwhelmingly the winner.

Denise Wakeman

Though text-based content is overwhelmingly more popular, it sounds like it really depends on how it's presented. All good points shared here about formating text to make it easy to get the concepts by skimming.


I am very new to blogging (well my blog isn't up yet) and I've been looking at other peoples blog. I seem to prefer posts that are bulleted and to the point. If I see paragraphs that are too long, I'm not going to read it. I do like video in the mix, but not all the time. So I think text is my first choice if it's not too long. The problem I have with audio is if I listen to it while I'm working, I tend to miss a lot of the information.

I will probably start writing my posts the way I like to read them and hope other people will too. Wish me luck!

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