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Steven Park


Thanks for some great advice. I'm getting my VA do do it right away.

Is there any reason why your steps are spread out over 3-4 days? Can you do it all in one setting?


Mike Consol

To your point, Denise, new statistics from Nielsen show major increases the amount of time people spend viewing videos.

The report ... http://tinyurl.com/ykg3tmd


Thanks For The Valuable Infromation Denise I am A Blogger And A Web Hosting Owner Really Want To Increase Traffic On My Site And Blog. This Post Will Help Me To Increase Traffic On Both By videos I am Gonna Try This Soon

Denise Wakeman

Mike, thanks for the link to the Neilsen stats. Always good to have them on hand to prove a point!

Vlog on!


I really want to videoblog but fear it. I recently got an Assus netbook with built-in camera. Is this a good enough quality device to get started? Can I edit the video somewhere (where?) if it is too dark?

Finally, I blog primarily about craft and how the concepts behind crafting (relying on oneself, sharing, problem solving, going green, etc.) can build self esteem. Off the top of your head, how would I video blog about that?

I am thinking this through as well and would like your experience and expertise to assist the process.


Thanks for sharing, I love reading you should post more often...

Denise Wakeman

Clueless (would really prefer to call you by your real name!), there's nothing to fear from video blogging. It's simple, really. Any webcam will do and editing is simple as well. There are many editing programs, some free.

Any subject you care to talk about and share your expertise and wisdom will make good videos for your audience.

I suggest you take a look at Online Video Made Easy because many of your questions will be answered.


You can call me Lydia, Denise. I thought my typepad profile would clarify that?

I'm glad any webcam will do. My husband, a computer engineer, is so particular about the perfection of the video and this means he has some concerns about webcams.
I just figure that I'm not Hollywood nor do I have access to the best of film production and editing.

I'm going to head over to Online Video Made Easy now. . .

Joyce Leybag

Hey there!

You were able to provide a lot of information about videos. I totally agree with you when you said that videos extend your online reach.

Online videos are growing in popularity, as more and more people watch videos on the internet. People watch video for various reasons. It is truly an effective way of marketing.

Thank you for this post!

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