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Scot Herrick

I'm surprised "offer valuable content on your site" isn't an option for driving traffic. You'd think...

Andrew FirstFound

Yeah, I agree with Scot there. In the long term, having useful, valuable content is going to get you more bang for your buck than AdWords.

some good tips though - thanks!

Denise Wakeman

I think the "valuable content" option is a given with this report. After you produce the content, you've got to also get the traffic.

Deborah Smith

I agree with you Denise. As I was reading down the list I was thinking, where is social media? I get the majority of my traffic through organic search results also. I have found that even though the traffic numbers are much smaller from Twitter & Facebook, the quality of traffic is much better. Visitors who are engaged with me on the social platforms stay longer on my blogs and tend to engage more.

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