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#1 Tactic is to make something uniquely relevant to that day, and if possible- make it funny.

Humor always makes people let down their guard a little bit - especially when they are thinking of buying.

For more info...

Nikki Thomas

"Quaility Traffic" is definately the keyword here. The traffic has to be an audience of people who are interested in your blog content.


Dubai Property Portal

Hi there,
I would like to add here that there are a number of ways that you can attract traffic to your blog. One of the fastest ways is link exchanging or for blogging it is sometimes called friending. This means that basically you link your blog as being friends with other related blogs. Joining communities with like interests is also a great way to attract readers to your blog. Most of the time if they like what you have to say on a particular topic they are willing to head over and see what you have to say on other topics.

Bryan Agoncillo

You have some good reference there... :) Thank you for that. Finding good traffic to go to my website is one of the hardest things I am encountering right now :(

 Dorothy kinder

This is one of the most useful information for getting quality traffic to your blog....Although there are more ways but quiet a few really works out...
Thanks for this wonderful input!!!!! request you to post some more useful information on getting quality traffic...


One of the strategies that I have learned from watching and purchasing many programs from Internet gurus is to use the Web 2.0 sites for backlinks.

More backlinks will result in your website/s getting higher rankings in the search engines, such as Google or Yahoo, which will eventually give you traffic.

Account Deleted

The best way to draw more traffic to your blog is to create high quality content. If you do this, people will find what you have written as being interested. As a result, they will come back the next day and the days after and furthermore they might even give the link to your blog to some of their friends. Concentrate more on content than on promoting your blog.

Real estate brokers in Dubai

good info about traffic... thanks for share this and keep more post

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