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Lou Bortone

You certainly don't want anyone else having YOUR name if and when "dot TV" sites become more mainstream. Get your .tv name while you can, even if you just point it to your YouTube channel. Good luck!

P.S. Our most recent Online Video Class was a blast! Be sure to get your copy of Online Video Made Easy now, while you can still get the 2-for-1 self-study special!

Barry Deutsch

I'm stunned the effect of a video can offer in marketing and exposure. I've been looking at videos posted to YouTube around our niche - job search and hiring. I've seen short 2 1/2 minute to 5 minute entries that have generated 10,000 plus views. Extraordinary!

Creating video almost seems like it has a greater reach than podcasting. Although we are starting to generate some great numbers on itunes through podcasting.

It also seems like a lot of content can be "re-purposed" - blog postings turned into articles, turned into voice-over powerpoints on slideshare, those ppts converted into videos for videocasting on itunes and youtube, the audio stripped out and used for podcasting. What's next?


Video is just starting it is getting so big and interlinking with traditonal tv program providers. The advantage you have in terms of online marketing is tremendous.


DOT TV is the future of ALL Internet content in the future...

VBS.TV, Fora.TV, HamptonRoads.TV, Breitbart.TV, Howard.TV, NHL.TV, 702.TV, TNT.TV, TU.TV, RT.TV, ...and thousands more around the world.

Remember it's not about just buying a ".TV" -- it's about owning generic keyword and key-phrase ".TV" domains.

Generic domain names are "businesses" and digital assets that are the equivalent of traditional real estate. It is the "land" you build on...

Good luck,

Ps: Dot TV domain names are not $40 either - you can find codes everywhere on line if you know what you're doing, and buy them for as cheap as $19.99.

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