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Wow! Email and RSS hold the big chunks on this analysis. The trouble is it's hard to convince a reader to subscribe. :-(

Denise Wakeman

Just read a short article on the NYT that recaps research from Forrester Research about activity on the Internet by online adults. The report costs $499 so I haven't not read it.


You'll see in the graphic the percent of online adults who use RSS is 9%. That's actually less than I thought but certainly bears out my comment in the blog post that you MUST have an email option on your blog if you want the vast majority of adult readers to subscribe.

Here's the link to the report if you want to invest:

Amy Franko

Wow, this is really surprising to me! I don't like having my inbox cluttered with blog posts. I end up not reading them. I

I instead use Flock and keep my favorite blogs in one list. It displays the titles of the 4 most recent posts for each blog I subscribe to.


Great little survey, Denise! You may also like our little service for subscribing to RSS content- http://www.feedmyinbox.com. Results like this are exactly why we created the service.

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