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I agree with all reasons listed (blog over Facebook), and would like to add one more perspective. When I post a FB status update or similar, it goes to the Fans' newsfeed, along with everything else. Unless they've taken Mari's (?) tip to set up a Friends list and have it dominate the feed (and I hope I'm on that list), it's easy for my post to be lost in the feed. But when I post up my blog, it goes to my RSS and e-mail subscribers in a manner that gets attention (and hopefully they read it...). AND my blog post goes to my FB Notes page and from there into my Status Update. It seems to me that there are more opportunities to get "eyes" via a blog than solely FB.

Denise Wakeman

You are absolutely 100% right on. Because of the nature of RSS feeds, you can get your blog content out on multiple sites so followers and new fans can find you where THEY hang out, which may be in many different places. You can leverage your content so much more effectively from a blog than on than on a single social networking site.

Thanks for adding that point to the conversation!

Chris Baggott

Great points Denise, but also don't forget that traffic for most buisness blogs come from Search anyway. To me, this is the primary reason to have your social media strategy start with a blog at the hub. From there you can push your content to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn groups....but for every visitor you get through those channels, odds are that you will get significantly more through search.

Chris Baggott
Compendium Blogware

Denise Wakeman

Yikes! How could I forget the most important thing???? Of course, Chris, you're right. Your blog is indexed by the search engines and Facebook notes are not (that I'm aware of). And yes, #1 source of traffic is search. My #2 source lately is Twitter and Facebook is between #3-5 the last few weeks.

Thanks for bringing me back to basics.


Thanks, Denise... you know, I *heard* that message at SOBCon, but for some reason, it didn't connect for me until just now.

Melanie Strick

Hey Denise,

Great tips on why to keep blogging and not over rely on FB/Twitter. Somehow I narrowly escaped the Twitter crackdown yesterday but I know some that did not.

We've been using the blogs w/ the other social media components for almost 1 1/2 now and it really does create great sense of connection and rapport with people in my community.

Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

Melanie Benson Strick


I agree that the blog should be the hub, primarily because of the control you can have over your presence and your content (as you pointed out!). I'm currently trying to convince a couple of people that they need a blog or website to drive their fans and followers to - maybe this article will help!

Kris Hoots

Great post, Denise. A few weeks ago, @SteveRubel inspired a few posts around the idea of blogging as "slow" or "antiquated." Some read it as "dead." Both @ChrisBrogran and @CopyBlogger jumped out there with blog posts in defense of blogging. Over @Oneicity inspired by the same topic, we wrote saying "Blogging is for deeper conversations with a longer shelf life for a broader audience." Facebook, like Twitter, is great for quick conversation and pointing people to the blog. Facebook is pretty much limited to people who are on Facebook. Blogs are pretty much available to anyone with internet access. We tell our clients if they have to start, Facebook is okay for toes in the water, but blog (the bigger undertaking) is best and should be next. We'll definitely refer our clients to your post to help make the point.

Glory Gray

All your points are spot on. When my acct was suspended yesterday, I thought, "well, I still have the blog."

I've noticed that in terms of getting an idea out to a larger audience, my blog is much more influential. Partly because of its more permanent nature, partly because it is always displaying my own message 24/7, but mostly because I'm in control of its content and tone. Not much point in being an entrepreneur if others are in control of my message.


Cindy Opong

Perfect timing - I was just thinking last night if I should continue my blog (which I'm awful at updating!) or focus more on my Facebook page. Good food for thought and a great reminder to have a backup regardless of where your primary content resides.

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