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Kyle Hansen

If you love dogs, and getting outdoors and playing with them, join our new FB Fan Page at http://kyjen.com/facebook

Yvonne A Jones

Having a blog as my home has definitely worked for me. You've taught this and so has one of my Mentors, ConnieRagenGreen, that your blog should be your hub or home and this is where my readers connect with me more than any other site.

Debra Marrs

Hi Denise, I can't seem to find the Blog Squad Fan Club fan page on Facebook today. The beauty of Social Media... how fast things change and how fast we can change things.

You offer such great tips, I send many to read you.
Thank you!

Denise Wakeman

Debra, when my facebook account was hacked a couple weeks ago, I lost The Blog Squad fan page. I have not been able to get any response from Facebook about how it can be restored.


Eventually I'll create a new one, but too busy right now with other projects.

Thanks for asking.

Blog on!

renda extra

Great post, i've already subscribed to your feed.


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