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Michelle Vandepas

Thanks Denise for including me - What a hoot. It was fun to connect with you in Mortons! - the food was good and the company was great!

Liz Strauss

Wow! I totally forgot about that part of our conversation, Denise!

It was such fun debriefing with you. I loved your insights into where I'm going and how to tightem up my presentation. I've thinking of them sense we spoke and really enthusiastic about the ideas I'm having. You ROCK!!

Barbara Rozgonyi

Nice round up and videos, Denise! Love Liz's line: The best promotion is to promote other people. My number one tip? Get out there and meet other bloggers - like you! - in person.

gestational woman

thank you for tips.... helpful tips for me

Denise Wakeman

Here's a vlog (video blog) from Ramsey Mohsen that nicely captures the energy of SOBCon: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ytk_XdLzyBQ

Kristen King

This is a great overview, Denise. Thanks for the link to my writeup.

It was nice to see you again!


Denise Wakeman

Barbara, love your SOBCon 09 round up. Here's the link for others:



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