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I actually have read them on my phone's internet browser (both BlackBerry and iPhone) for a long time. With as many feeds as I follow, I'd be receiving text messages several times per hour, so it would actually annoy me if I received notifications that way.

Kim Dushinski

So glad you are going to do an interview with me. I am so excited to share mobile marketing with your readers.

This poll is interesting because it assumes that the primary way a person would read a blog via their phone is by getting a text alert. I think the reality is that most people would either access blogs via a mobile reader as Dr. IKE indicated or by clicking a link to a blog while doing social networking.

We'll talk about this during our interview.

wow gold

Yes, most of the time. So count me in.

Denise Wakeman

I think I mixed my messages here. There is a difference between the act of reading a blog on your phone and actually subscribing to get text alerts.

It seems pretty clear to me that most people do NOT want to get text alerts about new blog posts, but that they may be inclined to read blogs on their phone.

Melody Campbell, The Small Business Guru

Okay - I know this is kinda off topic - but it's also kinda related.

Just yesterday Mequoda Daily sent out an email regarding newspaper's "Print or Die" strategy. They pointed out something from Business Insider in January 2009 "printing the New York Times costs twice as much as sending every subscriber A free Kindle" in order to deliver the daily news! That's incredible.

Then I noticed that Denise's blog is available via Kindle - wow! I like that.

I don't read anything on my phone but I probably will be moving to that. It sounds like an amazing time saver.

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