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Luv this list! Great stuff. Here's my post:



Wow what a Great List- You have some great resources for bloggers. I Will be Back-
Here are the reasons I love blogging at Neck Pain Support Blog: http://www.neckpainsupport.com/2009/02/why-we-love-blogging-at-the-neck-pain-support-blog.html

- NJ

Denise Wakeman

NJ, I love your blog post on why you love blogging. Thanks for sharing the link.

Question: do you find that having a blog attracts new patients for you?

We worked with a chiro in SF and he says most of his new patients come as a result of his blog: http://www.sfbackpaindoctor.com/


Hi Denise,
Yes, I am aware of Dr.Davis' Blog- He does Non Surgical Spinal decompression
in his office and we do the same in our Central Connecticut office. We have
a blog: http://www.ctspinedisc.blogspot.com that we are working on
constantly and yes once in a while we do get patients as a result of this. I
am working on posting to this more regularly and adding new widgets to get
more visitors. I am on blogger on right now for this, but perhaps will move
to typepad because it has more capabilities in the future.

For my blog www.neckpainsupport.com i am concentrating on my pain relief
products website www.arc4life.com- for which we have had reasonable success
with. But off course, I am always looking for more techniques and making my
blog the best that it can be.

I have subscribed to your feeds because I think you have some awesome info-
I recently just read about having an amazon profile to establish that you
are an authority on certain topics. Thank you for your valuable resources


Boris Mahovac - Email Marketing Coach

Hi Denise,

That's a really great list. I can't say blogging changed my life, but the rest pretty much applies :-)

I posted my list here: http://www.yourezinecoach.com/2009/why-i-love-blogging-for-business-and-fun.html

Denise Wakeman

Thanks for sharing your "why I love blogging" link, Boris. You make a lot of great points why all businesses and professionals ought to be blogging.


I could probably add 20 more things to your list, but maybe the most important one I'd like to add is the fact that blogging is prevailing in this horrible economy. If you look at the latest stats, blogging jobs are steadily on the rise. That's encouraging, at least to me. It's nice to have a skill that is so in demand when everything else is in a down turn.

Paul Gardner

I love the internet marketing business. As relationships develop business grows.
Blogging is an esential part of any traditional busines or on line business. I enjoyed reading your blog on why you love blogging. All of your thoughts on what blogging has dne for your are very informative.

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