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Dr Charles Parker

Hey Denise,
Love the new look, the new platform, and love using Zemanta to pull pictures etc, tagging together - but since starting with it the fun has significantly diminished regular blogging due to the dramatically long keystroke time, with time for a cup of coffee just revising one sentence.

Many improvements in look, but the keystroke constipation is very significant for me with no apparent fix. Please keep us posted if you find the same,

I closed all my open URLs, and could be Zemanta?



we're so glad you're happy, Denise! Thanks for all the shout-outs. Let me know if there's any questions you might have!

Denise Wakeman

I haven't experienced what you're describing, Chuck. Could be Zemanta since it is working constantly in the background to provide relevant images and links for your to use. That definitely could slow things down.

Dr Charles Parker

Thanks, gotcha,
Will shut down Zamanta and give that a run,

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