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This article is excellent and a thorough tutorial on business blogging I recommend to all my startup clients that a blog is "required" for credibility and new customers, and I give them some simple tips to get started quickly and cheaply. See 'blog.startupprofessionals.com' for article titled "Business Blog Startup Tips" for specifics.

Marty Zwilling, Founder & CEO, Startup Professionals Inc.

Alan Williams

The article was very informative and I hope that I will get such good article in future also. I often read your articles and will also read in future.

Blog SEO

As you write some great content make sure it gets shared or bookmarked by your visitors. Use something like the BM Button, http://www.bmbutton.com, to help your readers save it and share. Also, analyze the articles that get shared the most. Try to understand why it happened and then write something that will be as great (or even better) than the previous posts.

san diego seo

"Keyword research is critical and often overlooked because many bloggers don't want to take the time to figure out the works their readers actually use (vs. the words the blogger thinks are important)." this is very informative thank for sharing.

by: ricka


Excellent post.Truly impressed with the knowledge you are posting here.Thanks!!

Michael Martine

Denise, thanks for the kind words in your review. For some reason, my Google Alerts decided that today would be fine day to let me know about this review which you posted back in January. Oh well. :-)

Your readers should know that there is now a book-only version of WordPress SEO Secrets. It comes without the audios and videos and is more affordable, so please, everyone, do come and check it out if you think this might be for you.

Motorcycle Mirrors

Good SEO can tailor the website. But if someone is willing to take the time to learn SEO, the search for new ideas, and put a little effort, a normal person can definitely improve on their website as well.

Blog SEO

You can get as simple or as complex in blog SEO as you want. On-page SEO is the place to start. Optimize what you have control over first. Then worry about the external factors.

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