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Kurt Scholle

I saw the notice in their newsletter after noting that the compose page was a little different than it had. Haven't had time to really look into it, but I like where they're going.

Dave Wilcox

Be careful what you wish for. I have it on mine and it is riddled with bugs. Do a few Google searches and you will find a lot of unhappy TypePad users. Here's hoping they can get it back on track, because I am seriously considering bailing on Typepad, and I have loved them up to this point.


I beta tested this, and it was so awful I asked to opt out after only a few posts. Now I can no longer edit those posts--they don't even show up in my list of posts.

I've had the new version from the beginning of its release, and from what I can tell, it's only gotten worse. I'd give anything to have the old version back.

Kris N

Great info...
Really loved it...
But i beleive old version is better.

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