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Lee Odden

Thank you for such kind words Patsi and I totally agree with your suggestion about the relationship between blog content and "findability" on the web.


Joe Pulizzi

Well deserved Patsi. Keep up the great work.


Website Management Services

I think the best PR introduces a concept to an audience that doesn't know anything about it.
There is some marginal value with the intersection of PR and SEO, yet its value is fairly low.
Similar to a pitcher who can hit, it's nice but not going to get him into the hall of fame.

San Diego seo

Shorthand for weblog, a regulalry updated, journal-style web page that is generally presented in reverse chronological order and allows readers to post comments and discuss topics or posts. Also used as a verb to blog, meaning to write in a blog. thank you for posting.



I actually follow Lee's blog, some excellent advice on there if you are interested in SEO

white label seo

With the google's panda / farmer update, blogging (content writing) and competitive rankings are now much more valuable where they command attention on quality and substance.

SEO cincinnati

Yes, I agree! You will be successful in seo if you have the right keyword and a perfect content.. nice thoughts here..

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