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Michael Martine | Remarkablogger

TypePad has some definite advantages that may make it right for a business blog, such as upgrades and comment spam are handled by the service.

However, It seems there aren't too many people who can make a TypePad blog look even halfway decent. I can spot a TypePad/MT blog a mile away. They all look the same.

The sheer mind-blowing number of add-ons and designs for self-hosted WordPress blogs (called plugins and themes) coupled with a vibrant community is what makes WordPress the dominant blog platform.

We all have our opinions of course, and that is mine. Just like taste in music or Mac vs. PC, some debates will never end! :)

Jeanne May

I'm a typepad user and supporter... not only for my business but also as a visitor and commenter on other blogs.

I echo the advantages of using typepad... but what really won me over to continue using typepad was the ease in which people can leave comments. Many other platforms require you to log in and some require you to jump through so many hoops … offputting to say the least.


Dulcita Love

Hi Denise,

I'm glad you pointed out your "next blog" cautions with Blogger.

I'll keep that in mind for future clients when it comes time to suggest a blogging platform.

~ Dulcita Love

Bob Sommers

I can't tell you how many times I've seen people refuse to use Blogger based on the "Next Blog" button at the top of a Blogger blog. It is so simple to remove. This video will show you how to remove it.


There are many other reasons I would not use a Blogger blog for a business blog, but this in not one of them.

myspace design

I've used Wordpress and Blogger but not Typepad...yet. Thanks for this post, I may try out Typepad soon.


I'm with Typepad and I love it. I've tried Wordpress (the free wordpress.com),and I could never familiarize myself with it, just too confusing. The Typepad dashboard has a clean neat layout which is easy to navigate around in. As to themes and templates, yes, Typepad may be a little bit more limited than Wordpress, but there's a lot more customization possible in Typepad than in Wordpress. For business I would definitely chose Typepad.


I think I'll wait for WP or Typepad when my traffic reaches a point where I feel the need for it..otherwise, WP.org was way too confusing. I have my informational blog on blogger and have a WP theme that I use for it. So far so good and I have no complaints about Blogger. I think if you just want to focus on writing, Blogger (don't typepad) is a good place to start and possibly stay depending on your needs. I may not need all the plug-ins WP offers, but who knows. Yet to be seen.

Los Angeles seo company

for me all of them was good. but typepad was the best for me.. thanks for blogging this out.


UK Internet Consultants Blog

This is a really good resource for bloggers. It answers a number of question I have had on my mind and it is very nicely written.

Good job!

Account Deleted

I'm using Typepad this November only because my friend suggested it. When I'm using it, it help me alot.

Ann Torres

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