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michael gibbons

Not sure ya'll have seen this or that you necessarily want to but the Blog Squad may have met their match -- let's call them the "odd squad"-- My friend Pam Slim points to a very funny video here

John Trosko

I have occassionlly created a contest for new readers, via feedblitz. I have also done a contest with entries for each time they make a commment. It works!

- John

Nick - road2blogging

I always try to come up with post titles that will intrigue readers to read it. Sometimes I do feel like I've written a really long post and people will become bored with it, but these are the ones that get the most comments and discussion on.

Rosalind Joffe

I think it's like all marketing - you spread lots of seeds and see which ones grow for you. Different seeds need different conditions, don't you think? The only thing I know for sure is that nothing concerning marketing is rock solid science.


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Anthony Lorizio

Thank you for sharing this valuable information. Looks like plenty of work but your example proves it is worthwhile.

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