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Mary Ann

Can you point me to some evidence/stats of how blogs help a business? What notable companies have blogs? Thanks! :)

Blog Angel Team (Joanna)

I'm with you that blogs need to be kept up to date or you're better off not having one. It is a big commitment of time (and energy) for small business owners though, and I think a lot of people blog too much to begin with then fall by the wayside. Better to get into a regular, sustainable rhythm if you can.

Just wondering how often and how regularly you recommend updating a blog - is once a week sufficient?


Jason Meyer

I have read through your comments, but I am having a difficult time getting ranked by google or any other search engine...

Most of my business is not done through e-commerce. But I am absolutely convinced that I can grow via the internet. I have started my own blog on blogspot.com etc...however how often should one blog on there own site? Can you do it too much? What else can be done to effectively and cost effectively?

Martin Cole

How true...."Don’t add a blog to your site if you're not willing to consistently invest time and effort". It takes me about 3 hours each week to work on each of my blogs. That is more time than most bloggers are willing to commit

Shane Kane - TitleSuccess.com

If you want your blog to be successful you must put out solid content on a consistent basis. This can only be accomplished through hard work and dedication.

Jason Meyer

How or what is the best way to get more quality links to your website? I have been doing some Google searches in my industry (facility maintenance, etc.) but it looks like most places want to charge for such service....

Thanks for your prior reply!

Happy New Year!
Jason Meyer
JayTam, Inc.

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