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Eban Crawford

I do like Utterz, I do try to limit how much I use it however. I find that if used to season an already strong blog, it is a great tool. If used too much, it kind of takes away from the real content.

I know that what is in the Utterz could be great content as well, but there will always be people that do not get what an Utter post is, or may be stuck with a slow connection, or even at work and not able to get audio.

for those reasons I try to keep my Utterz down to one a day, or at least between my normal postings.

Another thing, I see a good number of listens from the actual Utterz site, which is cool. Possibly more readers for the blog or fans for the show in the future.


Utterz is a new mobile blogging site. I like this site and i like the way of presentation.

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