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Gaje Master

This does make sense. I was trying to build up the traffic and my rankings when I should have been focused on the subscribers, their the ones who will continue to read your work and probably the ones who will help to get your name out there. Thanks for the info.


You mean I can stop obsessing about my page views? Thank you! It's a whole new world!

Thanks for this info, I'm not very familiar with Feedblitz but I'll check into it now.


You're right, after all who are we writing our blogs for in the first place - the readers. And the more of them we can impress enough to come back then the better we will do.

I've never understood all this page rank and page views etc very well, it's all computers deciding how good my blog is from a formula they use. I would rather have real people vote for my blog by reading and becoming a subscriber.

I don't know much about Feedblitz though just that it has something to do with Feedburner? I will have to look into it, how does it compare with Aweber?

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