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Home Base Holidays

That's great news! I hope you get many visitors from being a TypePad Featured Blog.

It's interesting that you said you had submitted your blog for consideration at least a year ago. I probably submitted mine that long ago too. I wondered after, as TypePad is likely to have many blogs submitted, if there was more that could have been done on the submission to catch their attention. As you've been successful at doing this, would you consider writing a post giving the rest of us TypePad users some tips?



Denise aka The Blog Squad

I don't recall that I did anything special other than fill out the submission form. I suppose writing something really compelling about your blog, why you blog and why you use TypePad may catch their attention.

Based on a lot of the blogs that have been featured, I don't think they're too discriminating so it's hard to tell what their criteria is for picking.


Denise, thank you for these tips. As a bgninnieg blogger, I am grateful for those who have gone before me and learned these things. Although, I do have a dark color scheme, I really liked it. I have thought about having something a little lighter, brighter, and fun though. And I whole-heartedly agree with the no music tip. I hate going to blogs with music; then trying to find the player so that I can turn it off is sometimes very difficult as well. I hate it when I'm trying to be quiet while someone is sleeping and I stumble across a blog with music. I know I could just keep the computer muted, but

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