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With your blog it seems that half of the postings are self-promoting press releases. Is this what you advise others to do?

Personally I read a blog for advice and from there I consider either buying the person's products or services but I'm turned off by over promotion.

Michael J. Gultz MBA, MFP

Technology has allowed my company to thrive where in the past I would not even been able to compete.

Michael J. Gultz MBA, MFP
ComfortStay Assistance, Inc.

Denise aka The Blog Squad

In response to Bill's comment, yes, this past week we have posted a number of press releases. This not the usual percentage of promotional content we post on this blog. I was behind in getting the releases posted and therefore they all appear close together.

If one were to browse through the categories you would find nearly 1000 posts, only a fraction of which are promotional.

That being said, we do have a business and we are proud of the work we do and the results we get for our clients. The press releases also serve to promote our clients and to illustrate the variety of business blogs being created in the blogosphere.

In general we attempt to adhere to an 80/20 rule with 80% informative content to 20% promotion. In our long experience working on the Web, if you don't tell people what you do, then they don't know and don't bother finding out.

Any other thoughts about this issue of information vs. promotion?

Joel Libava

With regards to Press Releases/Over promotion..
I have "links" to all of my PR. People nowadays are bombarded by over 3,000 different marketing messages daily. If I cannot boast a bit, why am I in business?
Joel Libava AKA, The Franchise King Blog owner

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