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I would have to say, from an SEO perspective, I think that providing the user what they want (your content) how they want it.

Glenn (Customer Service Experience) Ross

Isn't the number of blog readers using RSS feeds still extremely low? That may be one reason why your survey got few responses. The percent of readers who use RSS feeds to subscribe to my blog is in the single digits.

Folks, bookmarking blogs instead of using RSS Feeds is like using dial up instead of broadband.





John Trosko

Oh my gosh, I did a quick search on this for Google and spent 1/2 hour reading comments from readers.

This vote, and the reading I just did is making me switch immediately from partial posts to full text.

It puts people in better control and makes for a better customer experience. Look for my trackback!

Denise aka The Blog Squad

The reason I expected a higher response on the poll is because we have nearly 800 subscribers between Feedblitz and Feedburner. So these are people who do read blog posts via feeds. But that's alright. The trend was consistent so I got the information I wanted.

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