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Blogging is an important experience. For me, I like to publish my thoughts and ideas and serves as a way to reinforce them in my mind. The reason that I publish them is for the insight and influence from others. Some times you can forget important information and feedback can help you to distinguish a great idea from a poor one.

T Demop, Blogging for Business

Hi Pitfall,

Very true - the same applies to me.
In a similar fashion, I often take notes on pieces of paper as I did this morning in a seminar. The notes have little value - I'll lose them or throw them away, but the act of writing them down helps me remember them and gets me thinking.

Denise aka The Blog Squad

Smedley's plan is impressive! With 10 blogs, both public and private, that may be a good way to approach things. However, I'm not that organized.

For me, blogging is about creating connection to people who may find what I have to say and offer valuable. It's a way to market, yes market, my business, meet new people, build my credibility, and learn a lot.

I learn from the readers, from my colleagues and from my own research. Blogging keeps me on top of what's going on in my niches and helps me express what I know in a fairly easy format. I also love to find and test new tools and by having a respository of sorts to share and get feedback about them, it's a win for everyone.

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