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Denise aka The Blog Squad

I count myself among the blogging evangelists and yet, when Patsi and I talk to groups about business blogging, we make it very clear that blogging is NOT for everyone. When asked if a blog is right for all businesses or if everyone should have a blog, here's our response:

A blog may not be right for you if you
1) are not committed to marketing your business.
2) don't like to write
3) have all the clients and customers you need
4) don't want a global business
5) don't have time to dedicate to writing and reading blogs
6) don't like to research what's new and happening in your field or niche

Anyone else care to add to this list? Why shouldn't one have a business blog?

Nathalie Marteau-Yarzabal

7) don't have a business strategy (with blog as one of the engines of this strategy)I met business owners who thought about blogging because others have a blog. No more reason! It make me think about ERP and CRM solutions which were at the beginning considered by many corporate companies as "fashion" tools.
NB: this point is a few different from your point 1) because blogs could be used as an internal tool within the organization

8)are self-oriented communicators. Those guys already speak about them in their web sites and when you meet them at networking events. According to me, good candidates for blogging are those who already are customer-oriented business owners, or more generally speaking, partner-oriented business owners.


T Demop, Blogging for Business

A well thought out and complete liet I think - I can't anything (but am still thinking).

It does surprise me when someone says their "business strategy is blogging."

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