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Tammy Vitale

So are you the only gals? If not, howcome you only list men who are using blogs to get ahead? hmmmm? Hard to believe you only interviewed men in this day and age.

T Demop, Blogging for Business


I interviewed lots of guys AND gals too. The full list that appears in the book is available at www.demop.com/book.html. The four that spoke the most about networking and building relationships were guys and are the ones listed above.


Blogging has become, in my opinion, the best tool in online marketing and networking. What other ways exist where you can interact with total strangers during odd hours in the night?

A friend of mine, who is an unpublished book author (blog.lacruzsite.com), came to me last week very excited because he has had 3 published book authors comment on his site and place his blog on their blogrolls. How else would he have been able to accomplish that?

Not only that, but one of the authors has actually volunteered to edit his 300 page novel for free. Awesome experience, and I'm very excited for him.

In this day and age, Blogging is a vital tool for success!

Denise aka The Blog Squad

I have to add my 2 cents here. I heartily agree that blogging is one of the best networking tools around. It came as an unexpected bonus. My initital thoughts were that it was all about marketing and creating relationships with your prospects and clients. Yet, from the perspective of building relationships with partners and friendships with colleagues, blogging can't be beat, especially for an introvert like me!

T Demop, Blogging for Business

I've been thinking about this a lot: "if I knew what a benefit networking would be, would it have effected my blogging or blog planning?"
I decided it wouldn't have, but am still not 100% sure!

Delaney Kirk

Hey, Ted mentioned me in his book and I'm a woman!

Delaney Kirk

Blogging has allowed me to "meet" people that I would never have otherwise. I love the learning community that blogging has created.

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