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Patsi M. Krakoff

A question came up for me about 6 months ago, and I'd like to hear Tris' take on it even though I think I understand the answer now. How do you separate out the search engine bot traffic from genuine viewers?

Tris Hussey

Oooh ... good one! (scribble, scribble)

John Trosko

This is a terrific topic! I am so excited. I don't have anything specific at the moment, I am just happy to join in on the conversation!

Thank you for all the time you spend on these shows! - John

Marc Lerner

I direct my work to people with a chronic illness or a disability and the medical professionals that care for them. How can I track the number of people in each group that visit my Blog.


I'd just like to throw in one of my favorite ways to test my audience numbers. It's not a "pure" metric of course, I have server statistic packages for that.

I like to do a post that asks my audience to do something, like fill out a survey, or download a book, but not on my site, and I track the number of clicks.

The number of people who respond (click), while not representing my entire readership, gives me an indication of how many "responsive" readers I have, which is often one of the most important numbers given you may try and make money via posts on your blog - you want to know how many people might actually buy from you.



Your teleseminars have been invaluable and I look forward to the call with Tris. I would like to know about the plug-ins like del.icio.us and digg(already on technorati) and some discussion on algorhythmns and how that plays a part in SEO.


I track daily site visits by counting background image loads (which bots will never load). I can also do spot counts of a particular post by checking how many image accesses there are to an image used in that post.

Glenn Ginsburg

I notice that many blogs have icons for the various feeds - which ones are of the most benefit and how do you know if someone is getting your feed?

Are weblogs a good way of telling us the volume of readers?

What do other use to measure the volume of readership?

Should we being using "trackbacks"? I have read that they are no longer used due to spamming.

I also have noticed that many blogs use Technorati tags - how do you create the tags and do those help to measure traffic or readership?

Some of these questions maybe not applicable, but the answers would be much appreciated. Thank you. :)

Bill McIntosh

Title-1 Mozilla Firefox Blog
Desc-1 Provides information regarding
features of Firefox

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