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Ellen Weber

Good tips -- Thanks Patsi and Denise. How are you? I could not agree with these more and ... I also see some of the problems that make these bloopers happen. At times people's names are so obsured the reader cannot see it. Some bloggers name a niche and write in another -- and at times folks do not answer the person who pitches ideas ... and so pitchers of ideas spam many of us -- thinking one will stick:-) I read your post with much interest and was thinking it would be fun for a bunch of us to create a blog book and add posts like this one as a classic. Thanks - you did it again.

Ramon Ray

Why are bloggers treated like children?

As a brief background - I've been "blogging" since 1999 (7 years) and have written over 5,000 blog posts on my own site, smallbiztechnology.com

And I'm just don't understand why so many blogging experts treat bloggers like kids? Spelling the bloggers name right?

Real bloggers, professional bloggers are just like any other journalist I think. They have an audience that reads their content. The bloggers, like journalists, WANT/NEED/RELY ON (to some degree) unsolicited input from the "other side" (PR folk and their companies) to tell them what's happening. They (the bloggers) then decide how and what to write about it to their audiences.

It's real simple, unless I'm missing something.

Do I get upset if my name is not spelled write?

No - of course not....people are entitled to make mistakes.

I get attachments too - do I like it no. But I deal with it.

My point is that we bloggers are not babies we don't need special treatment. I'm sure Walt Mossberg gets pitched repeatedly, gets his name spelled wrong and etc...but you just deal with it and do your job. Walt is NOT a blogger but the principle is the same I think.

I'd love to know others opinion on this...

Tim Norton

Hi, great article, interesting site. I do have some questions maybe you could answer, perhaps in another post. I know when pitching an email marketer (no not spammers) with a large opt-in list, with your product, you would offer them an affiliate commission, of up to 100% of sales because of the impact they could have on your product or site. You don't mention anything like this. When pitching a blogger, is this something you would do also? From what I'm reading it almost sounds like no because bloggers like to maintain a certain aloofness for lack of a better word (I don't mean that in a negative way), or disinterestedness. Thanks for an interesting site.

Patsi Krakoff, The Blog Squad

Thanks Tim, for participating in the conversation here. I didn't mention offering affiliate commissions to bloggers. It depends on several factors that we've already discussed. The most important is that the product offered be really relevant to the blog readers, i.e. solve a problem for them. And the blogger should disclose they get a fee, to be authentic and transparent. Bloggers, for the most part, want to maintain honesty and credibility, not aloofness.

Patsi Krakoff, The Blog Squad

Thanks Ray for adding to the conversation here. Bloggers aren't children, of course, yet some of the people who try to pitch them show immaturity, and a lack of attention to details that is plainly stupid. If you are trying to get on someone's "good side" you want to do so intelligently and not with reckless abandon. Shooting off blanket pitch emails with names mispelled and a lack of regard for the subject of the blog is unprofessional and ineffective. It is not a question of asking for special treatment, but for common sense.

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