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Thanks for the informative article! Could you elaborate on your #6 a bit further? It's unclear to me what you mean by creating a form to "track submissions." Submissions of your content to other web sites? And what is a VA?

Denise Wakeman

Thanks for the question, Michael. First, a VA is a Virtual Assistant, someone who does administrative work remotely vs. being in your office. Usually a lot less expensive as they are freelancers and you do not then have payroll taxes, etc.

Next, a form to track your submissions is just that. A way for you to keep track of each directory you've submitted your blog to. There are over 100 different directories and personally, I find that keeping a list means I don't duplicate my work. I also keep all my pertinent blog info on the tracking sheet so I don't have to constantly make it up or look it up. I simply copy and paste for each directory submission.


what wonderful suggestions.. thanks.

Joseph Santos-Lyons

Thanks for these. I have had some trouble identifying the RSS for my typepad.com blog http://www.radicalhapa.tk/ and realize that ultimately I probably need to upgrade to the Pro package that gives me access to the HTML source doe. Lastly, in the bloglet.com service, is there a way to send an email invite to folks to subscribe? I can't put the subscribe box on my site (yet) without HTML access.

Denise Wakeman

Hi Joseph, thanks for your questions. To find your RSS feel URL on Typepad, right click on the link that says "Syndicate this site" on your blog. Select properties and there you will see the URL. So far, that's the only way I've found to discover the RSS URL on Typepad.

As for Bloglet, when you set up the subscribe form on Bloglet, you need to copy and paste the html into the notes section of a typelist you create for the form.

Both these items are covered in our Build A Better Blog System ebook which is being published soon.

Hope this helps, Denise


Thanks for the tips. Is there any way of having a site visitor meter without it actually showing on the site? Or am I missing something? Someone suggested to me that Blogger itself would tell you how many hits you've had, but I can't find this facility if, indeed, it exists.

Denise Wakeman

Thanks for the comments John. I'm not familiar with Blogger so I cannot help you there. With Site Meter, you can make the hit counter invisible if you pay a fee. With the free version, it's available for all to see.


This is such a wonderful resource! I'm so glad I found this site and article. I'm new to blogging, and am looking for tips on how to drive more traffic to my site and get more ezine subscribers. Thanks to you, I have a lot of resources to learn with!


I am new to blogging and as such, was lucky to cross paths with savvy folks such as yourselves. I have a very important message to deliver, and thanks to information you've shared, getting exposure has been made infinately easier. Many Thanks, DocStuey.


Patsi and Denise,

This is the most awesome article!! Many, many thanks!!! This list of blog directories is enormous -- it's been printing for minutes! (It's 81 pages long. This was the best resource!)

I have a question -- I badly, badly, badly goofed!! Somehow, I didn't quite get how trackbacks are used...

So, I've got a bit of a dilemma on my hands. Whenever I've posted to other people's sites since launching June 7, I've been clicking on their permalinks. Is there any way I can go back and change the links so that the various sites will get contacted? Or is it too late?

Also, I'm afraid I don't understand. If, for instance, I link to your site using a trackback feature, how are you notified that I've done this?

Oh goodness, I'm embarrassed to tell you all the time I've wasted writing personally to people to let them know that I posted on my blog about them. Now what do I do?

Thanks so much for these great resources!
Your kindness and generosity will come back to you 10 fold, I believe. (Meaning good stuff's coming your way for being so nice!)


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